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Am I just a THING to her???


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Well I should sart by describing a typical scene seen everywhere. So here it is.


Late in the evening a young, beautiful woman is walking home. She walks by a construction yard and there are some workers working there. They see her and whistle as she goes by. The girl ignores them and starts walking faster. One of the construction workers yells "Hey, sexy mama? You looking for a good time?" The girl starts running.


That happens to women alot, I think. You may think that this isn't going anywhere but it is wait and see.


So there is this girl at school, she is considered to be one of the hottest girls in our school. Recently she broke up with her bf. She always liked me but never really tried to show it. But after she broke up with her bf, she constantly keeps trying to get my attention. But she does it rather differently than other girls. When I walk by her she whistles at me. She keeps accidently grabbing my butt. Now I feel like that girl from the construction yard scene. And I don't know whether this is a good or a bad feeling. I mean I feel good cuz she likes me, but then I feel like I am only a THING to her, not a real person.


What does this mean? Can anyone who has been in this situation before help me?



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Back when I was in high school, there was a girl that acted like that. Her and I were sorta talking, and I was attracted to her, but she seemed superficial and like a tease. She'd bump me, touch me, sit next to me, etc, and when I hooked up with my ex at that time, she went insane and wanted to do anything to steal me from her (She had just broken up with her b/f as well).


This girl seems to be out for attention - and she may have picked you as her bait. Are you sure she genuinely likes you? The more attractive a girl is, the more she can get away with things and lie. You have to make sure she's for real, and if she's just playing games, you could find someone better.

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Thanks to everyone who replied. I am fine with her touching me, I don't consider this as sexual harrasment. But I am not so sure about whether she likes me or not. She left a note on my desk, the note said that I have beautiful eyes. I think she might like me, but she also knows that I like her so she could just be messing with me. I think I'll just wait and see how she acts during the following couple of weeks. She broke up with her boyfriend about a week ago, so all this happened in a very short period of time. I'll try to go over and talking to her, I'll look her straight in the eyes and see if she smiles, blushes, or looks away. Thanks again.

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Dude come on. She likes you. Get her number. Ask her on a date.


You are not a "thing" to her. If you were, she wouldnt be interested. Grabbing your butt is a way of expressing interest.


Couple of weeks? No. She will find someone else by then. Stop making self-excuses and act NOW!

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