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Ok there is this guy at my shchool....and is he HOT.....I like him but my friend...i think she likes him too but she wont admit it...and this guy i know if she liked him then she could get him in a second..and it REALLY sucks I talk to him and stuff and just a few days ago i was talkin to him over msn and i told him that it really sux cux there are losts of ppl that are mad at me over something Really stupid and i go now everyone hates me and he said not everyone I DONT hate you...see he flirts with me all the time but hes CONFUSING and I dont know what to do




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Maybe your friend won't admit that she likes him because she knows that you have a thing for him, which is very sweet. If that's the case, then you are very lucky to have a friend like that.


With that said, if you really think she likes him, I don't think you should persue him. Your friend possibly chose you over the guy, so if I were in your shoes, I would do the same. It's hard to find a friend that will chose her friends over a guy once she is smitten.


If she doesn't like him, however, then it's fair game. Only you can tell whether your friend likes him. If she doesn't, then I think all is well.


Whatever the case, just remember to stay happy and have fun.


Good luck.

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Talking from experience. Sometimes and I am not trying to be mean about this. But, sometimes you see things in a different light becuase you like him. You will tend to analyze everything he sees in a way you want it to be. So just be careful. Why do you think that your friend could get him in a minute. Why cant you get him. That type of self-doubt or insecurity will show. You need to be confident in who you are and any boy would be lucky to have you.


Good Luck


"Nobody is perfect to everybody, but everybody is perfect to somebody."

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he is 14....... common he is just going through puberty: life is messed up in grade 8, and he thinks with his dick on his forehead ok?


sick sauce, good luck


ps. for whatever reason you've made a few enemies, i've always said that it's people who arent your friends who push the hardest. Dont worry

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