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Mainly for guys but anyone can help

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Sometimes I tell a guy about some problem I have that upsets me and I can do nothing about and he says "don´t think about it". I wish I could, but it´s not that easy for me. I think too much, I get stressed, I lose sleep. You know women have a tendency to worry a lot, and I spend most of my time alone (working) so I have lots of time to think. But I´m a cheerful person, I don´t usually mope around.


So I was wondering if you guys had some hints for me. Please tell me how you do it. It´s maybe also some handicap of mine because I don´t forgive easily, I can´t forget bad things people do to me and I just want to write them off, which in some cases is difficult. I can´t pretend and I´m sorry because I would have a lot to gain if I could be socially cynical like most people. But that would be a whole different post.


How do I stop thinking about things I can´t change? I seem to carry a lot of dead weight and every time something new happens all the old luggage regarding that subject comes back and haunts me for days and nights. Am I crazy?


Thanks for listening.



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Hi Olivia

Im sure I dont have to tell you that there are some things in life that we simply CANNOT change. I think that it is important that you think about this carefully and think about what is bothering you and what you can do to change the way you feel about it, rather than trying to change what has happened. I think simply 'forgetting about it' is just a way of avoidance and not a real solution.

If things haunt you for days and you cannot get through the problem on your own then I would suggest seeking help from a professional phychologist...

Good luck and never give up


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You sound like me, I have the same problem although I am a guy. I am sorry that I cant answer your question, but your definitely not crazy. I have an outlet, which I use on the internet at link removed this might work for you, it did for me for a short while.

The problem I face is with ym friends more than anything, feeliung bad when somthing goes on and not being able to stop worrying and thinking about it too the point that everything else in my life stops.(Isn't the best thing when it's your final year at school)


I'll keep an eye on this post, to check other answers you get, to help me also. I know with me, what I worry about and hwat stays in my head is usually the most important aspect of my life.


Good luck in solving this, hopefully it can help me too.

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Hey don't you just hate to worrie about everything that just comes around. I mean stupide things that sometimes don't even make sense. For example school. Some people that go to school with me are worried about it so much I mean all that they talk about is school 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I personally dont give a F***. As long as I pass the test with a D I' m happy. You might think that it sounds crazy and strange but it's not. You see the whole point in all this is that you shouldn't just spend all day thinking about everything and getting yourself worried. All this thinking is bad for you. Go out with your friends have some fun and really try not to think so much. Watch some TV what every you do don't think too much because you will get all worked up for nothing much really. Take life as it goes I know that some problems are important and can't be let go but take it from my point of view. I don't care no more. Most of the times I just forget that there even there. Ok I dunno if I helped you in any way but I hope I did.

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