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The guy that I'm working with began flirting with me for months and I grew to have a HUGE crush on him. One night at a party, there was a lot of chemistry there and a few people told me that they thought something was going on between the two of us, like we were acting as though we were going out. So, after that night he started to slowly stop his flirtatious behavior with me...which was for almost three weeks or so. I mean, he ignored me a lot, stopped poking me, teasing me, telling other guys at work to, "Stop touching his girl." He did this with a smile and joking sense of course. Just recently, like the past couple of days he began that behavior once again after a little monthly pause of giving methe cold shoulder and ignoring me.


I'm so confused about his behavior and now that he's started flirting with me and more so, talking with me and being comfortable with me again, I'm not sure exactly what to think about his feelings or whether I should keep investing my time in him?


What do you guys think?

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That's kinda of odd behavior. My first thought is that he is just having fun when he's flirting with you and doesn't mean anything by it. He stopped because someone probably told him that he should knock if off if he's not serious. But now he thinks you've gotten the message, so he thinks it's okay to go back to the fun interactions you guys had before.


Sorry, I know that's probalby not what you wanted to hear, but that's what it seems like to me. I hope I'm wrong!


If you want, you can call him on his behavior -- in a teasing way, of course. Like saying, "Oh! Here comes the ladies man..." or something. Well, good luck!

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It sounds like his attention and teasing you had a big effect on you and almost made you drawn to him. I'm not sure why he would flirt with you extensively, then ignore you, and then flirt again. It sounds to me like he could like you.


Since you are drawn to him, suggest getting together to do something that you both have in common. Like if you ever talk about movies say, "We should go see that some time."


Good luck!

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I agree with K8tie. It sounds to me as though his flirtatious behavior is all in fun and not at all a sign of interest. He very easily could've heard some of those comments about the two of you acting like a couple, so he backed off because he didn't want to give anyone the impression he was serious about you.

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