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I'm not much for guys who hang out with lots of women. I probably wouldn't choose to go out with that type, because I prefer a man who is attentive to me, or values what we have.


I think a guy who has a gf but still flirts with women is insecure or egotistical, because he's always seeking attention.

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my ex bf was one of those. but i didnt feel jealous, or angry. it really didnt bother me, however i have many guy friends, and based on the fact that i know my friendships are very innocent, it gives me confidence that the same was with him. also, he really loved me, and our relationship was so much deeper, he spent any extra time with me, his gfs were just that-friends of the opposite sex. there were a few that would flirt alot, some girls that were really upset because they liked him and what not, but i knew he only had eyes for me. it was just about the trust, and the connection we had, but it really depends, i might have another bf later on that i would feel very upset if he had certain female friends. it really depends. i hate to say it, but if the friend was very attractive it would definitely make me a LITTLE uncomfortable. but again it really depends. im generally not a jealous person and it doesnt bother me. but most girls are not like that, so dont feel bad if you do feel that way, its natural. just be rational, thats all.

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