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I'm Uncontrollable

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Okay... Now everything is getting weird. It's like, I can't control myself. I used to never cry, but now I do nearly every night. Even during classes my eyes tear up. Sometimes when I'm driving, eating out, exercising (which is even more weird seeing as how exercising should take your mind off things). I just don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know why I am crying. I just cry. Regardless of how stong I try to be, I am not able to hold it in anymore.


I don't know what to do. It's weird.


Do I just need a new start and kind of redo everything in a way?


Or is this when you see a doctor?


I've just never felt this odd. I just thought it's time to post this because it's getting out of control. I don't like to cry. I more frustrated than anything because I just can't figure out why.


P.S. Please noone tell me just to stop or something, because I can't. It's like, you know during PMS how you feel (girls)? It's like that, except all the time now. And, no, I haven't been PMSing since August. It's just the same kind of upset thing. And I'm not pregnant. I haven't had sex lately.

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Hi there,

I'm not going to tell you to stop. I think you should find some quiet time and just let it all out.


I bet you have been bottling up your feelings, maybe it's stress, and I'm afraid if you don't let it out you will get sick. I know how you feel though.. I distinctly remember crying in the shower, crying when I'm driving ( not good).


I don't know why you are crying though, do you know?

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Have you thought about depression? It is possible that you have a bout of that. It does not come at a specific time, and can stay for days and weeks. Then one day you wake up, and sort of feel better, for a few days. It can happen to anyone, and is definitely a condition, not just a feeling.


Try natural remedies like rescue remedy or st. john's wort. or even Biral, if it is available in your country. All these you can get from your local drugstore, or health shop.

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You know...I can actually say I'm right there with you..this past year I think I've cried more then the rest of my years all together...I'm sure nothing is wrong..More then less its relief tears...Sensitivity tears or something...I cry like every night just thinking about heartbreaking things(I think I sort of bring it on myself to just get it out of my system..Thats how I handle my stress etc...I play sad songs(how STUPID is THAT)lol...I think everyone has something that could make them cry each day...It's just that instead of crying..it gets taken out in another place...hobbies etc...or whatever it may be ...just we tend to cry..Hopefully depression isn't on your side..Maybe check w/ a doctor..

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