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Girls: what makes a guy more approachable?


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A smile, definitely. It can be a big confident smile, but if it is more of a shy one at first, but he is definitely looking at me...then that's just fine with me. Lots of eye contact when we are talking (or even when we are not). Someone who laughs freely, is comfortable in their own skin, and is a bit flirtatious and is attentive to me. Listens, asks questions, and when I ask them questions, is able to answer them thoughtfully or interestingly, and still flash that smile.

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Okay.. I was thinking about starting a new thread, but I guess I could add here..


I'm not the most confident guy when walking around town or anything (meaning I'm confident in other things).. Actually, a friend of mine, whom I went to town with, told me I walked like a dead sparrow


So she was honest about it, and more or less dedicated to help me 'get a girl'. heh. That's really sweet of her.. but she's not around for a while. So I want to do something about that confidence thing. According to her, girls in general like confidence in a guy. My cousin said he always fakes his confidence, and he's got 'em 'lined up'..


So what do I do? When I talk to a girl (usually at the counter or something), I try and look her in the eyes and smiling pretty much goes without saying for me. But I always end up looking around me a lot. Which is an improvement. Because I couldn't look anyone in the eye for longer than a second a couple of years ago.


(and yes, I've had compliments about my cute smile. *grin* that has pleasantly surprised me, and I think it always will =)

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