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If you have been together that long already, you should see he already accepts you as you are. If he is the type of person that would chat on you because of weight, then why would you want to be with him anyway? Don't lose weight for anyone else, or to try to "keep" someone. If you keep making your insecurities an issue, you will lose him over that, not your weight.


You know, I have been both heavy and slim. I have now lost over 80 lbs and am finally happy with my weight. You know what though? It didn't change my insecurities. I still have insecurities...a lot of them. Read my other posts in the other various forums. I struggle with a lot of them.


The only one that can give you confidence and inner peace is YOU. It cannot come from anyone else. Take care of how you feel about you before you worry about what anyone else thinks.

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