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Please help me get this girl.


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Hi, this is my first post here. okay, some background. I am at uni right now, and have met this fantastic girl. i have never had much luck with the ladies and i have just got over depression (mediacally treated). I am 6ft 4inches with a decent build however i am quite shy and find it difficult to ask a girl out. Anyway, this girl is also quite shy, i think, but she is very chatty towards me and we seem to get on well. I dont want to risk pushing her away but i really do like everything about her and i would love to go out with her before christmas.


any help greatly appreciated.

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Seriously, no one can really "help" you get a girl. Its all you man. Be yourself and when you ask her out. Ask her if you she would like to have dinner and go bowling or shoot pool this Friday. On the date, ask her questions, listen attentively when she speaks, make her laugh, and show her a good time. relax, have fun, and see where things lead from there.



Make it happen and let me know how it goes!

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Listening to her is fine advice. Make sure you do it with your eyes on her face, in the triangle from the tip of her nose to the corners of her eyebrows, then as she finishes speaking look at her eyes and hold it for a second after she is finisehd saying something.


And pay attention to her body language. She'll tell you when to ask.


If you are really shy and cannot get the owrds out try telling ehr you have fuin talking to her. Watch for her reaction. Tell her you should do it mroe foten, watch for her reaction. If he reactions are good, just ask.

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