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So confused please I need help

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On Friday my man of 5 and a half years told me he no longer wants a girlfriend....He says he knows I am the woman he wants to marry and have kids with its just right now cos we got together when we were young he doesnt want the pressure of a relationship....then he gave me £3000 diamond ring which he had made secretly 2yrs ago when we went to India and said he wanted to give it to me at a speical time. HE said this is what connects us. I feel so heartbroken and we are still living in the same place at the moment I dont know what to do or feel....please give me some advise cos I feel like Ive been smacked round the head by a hammer. HE did the same thing to me a year ago....he was sleepin with oter girls and I couldnt handle it so I said Iwanted to carry on with my life...he said he wanted to get back with me but now here we are again.....I just cant beleieve it I love him so much.

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I've gotta say I feel for the situation you're in at the moment. It sounds like the old 'I need space' thing to the extreme. I think it's time that you make a decision of if you want to wait for your guy to maybe come back to you or if you are ready to let your heart go and move on. If he's done this before unfortunately even if he does come back, it could become a habit. Again I"m really sorry for the situation he's put you in and I do think you need to do some soul searching to figure out if you can go wait or not.



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hey darlin

i definitely feel for you. But commiting suicide is not the answer. I think you need to do some serious "finding yourself".

Think about what your willing to put up with to be with this man.

Is he your "mr right" or do u think there's someone else?

Just follow your heart

Good luck!

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I modelled my whole life on bein with him...my friends, my job, the way I act to make him happy....my family arent as close as they used to be because of it....he told me he would never do this to me.....I dont want no one else but him....but he doesnt care he says I should go and see new people....go out with other guys and even sleep with them....but he wants to marry me I dont understand I feel so hurt

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Okay first you need to do some realization about him before you start going mad. If he cheated on you a year ago, and now he's wanting to be free again, what makes you certain that he will stay commited to you in the future? Honestly, if he's done it twice now, he will do it again since he knows he can get away with it since you will take him back. That's all he sees from you, someone that he can fall back on once he's done "sowing his oats". Even though he gave you that ring, and says he loves you, all he really wants you to do is sit around and wait for him to come back. And when he does, he's going to tell you everything you want to hear (I won't do it again, I know your the "one", and so on), but he really won't mean it. He knows that he has a girl on the side (you) that will always be there waiting for him if he can't find anything else out there.


You need to just get yourself out and live life to the fullest. Thinking of ending your life over a guy is definatly the wrong choice (and some people feel this way after a break up) and if these thoughts keep coming up you may want to consider speaking with a therapist. Give yourself time to really think about things. Get out a pen and paper and start to write down all the things in the relationship you didn't like (this can even get down to the little noises made during sleeping if you want), and then post that list somewhere you will see it everyday. Also make a list of all your good qualities (you may feel like you don't have any right now, but you do), and everyday add another thing to the list. Next thing you know you will understand what you want out of a relationship, and that he's not even worth your time anymore.

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