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I need someone to talk to!

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You did the right thing. You are 15 years old, you are in school and if you want to help her, talk to the school dean. He/she can talk to your friend about it by asking it indirectly. Don't worry about warning someone at school. It's not a weight you should carry by your own.


I am 24 years old and have 2 friends that cut themselves. I am almost 10 years your senior and dealt with a lot of personal problems myself, but the cutting is something I can't handle. Your friend needs professional help.


good luck,



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noooooooo......... everyone should have friends that they can trust that will not tell everyone about a little problem or something they feel.......if she cared she woud'vetried to help herslef without getting anyone they did noot approve of into it..... its like telling the cops about your friend who has weed or something......... not cool

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well, just stay with her. she needs a friend right now and just do all that you can do to help her. if telling someone is necessary, do it. you've got let her know she can get through this and you'll be right there with her through it all. take care and visit this for support


link removed (there are some links near the bottom that handle dealing with friends that are suicidal)

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