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Twist of fate?? Is this even possible?


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Hey this about a different girl than the one I've been posing about the past week or so. I gave up on the first because I figured she doesn't "like" me and if it's so hard to get a date, why bother (I took ur advice)?


So, as fate has it, this involves her best friend, and I think she likes me:

- When I IMed the girl I used to like, this girl happened to be there and said she'd do anything for me.


Then today, she IM's me about HW from a class (for once, a girl IMs me lol).

- She gives me her number and says if she is able to, she'll come to my house to pick up the HW (I don't know if she will cuz she may be really busy, but she suggested coming to my house).


But that's not all....track in my school starts this coming week, so I'm doing my running workout.

- All of a sudden, I see this car behind me make an incredibly sharp turn and it starts trailing me. When it comes up to me, guess who's there? Yep, it's her (w/friends), but she's te nearest one to me. We talked for a minute and then I continuted my run (I may have talked longer if track wasn't in two days and if I wasn't on Varsity).


So, I think she might like me, but I can't be sure. SHe's a girl I would go out with if she asked me out or if she definitely likes me. What do u think?

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As a former teenage girl, I say she's letting you know she's interested. Take it slow, if you need to feel more secure, but meet her for coffee or whatever teens do now, or a movie or something!


She may not be the love of your life, but we could all use friends.

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Dax, I didn't advise you to give up on the other one...I said make another effort or two and then stop if she doesn't reciprocate. But I guess it doesn't matter now...do you like the other girl? If so, approach her and be friendly. Take it from there.


I knew the girl I had last liked didn't like me - I could just tell. Like I always started the talking, she said "hold" on twice when I was about to talk to her about the "date", it just all added up. I threw my hat into the ring and don't regret anything I did, but I am pretty sure she only likes me as a friend. I would give it another one or two tries, but I don't want to push it too hard and I could just tell...


The girl now I suppose is one I would go out with - it's just a surprise she "likes" me (hopefully) - I didn't see that one coming. She seems cool and we get along well. I'll see what happens on Monday when we're back in school, maybe to further ensure my confidence and certainty about this.


I do like ur advice tho Scout - ur right.

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