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I wrote this for a guy..what do you think?


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Hey Everyone...

I wrote this for MrMister1...I hope you like it.

Oh and to fill you in if you didn't know...he helped me get over being raped.

Please reply with comments, improvements, etc...



My mind is a place

Where I like to stray.

I can think of a face

Dream about it all day.


When you come to mind

I smile happily.

You're so friendly and kind

Almost like family.


You make me happy.

But when you get mad

And feel really crappy

It just makes me feel sad.


You have helped me through

My troubles in life.

You've helped me stay true

Though your life was in strife.


So thankyou so much

I know it's been tough

From these small things as such

My life's no longer rough.

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No, this poem is good and it's sweet that you wrote it for Mr Mister 1. Like Thatguy04 said, even if people did say you did suck, which nobody should say because that poem was really good, you should keep writing. It's a good way to express feelings and if you are satisfied with your work then that is all that should matter. Keep writing, great job.



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