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Hey people


Met a girl in night class who's dating another guy. We get on really well and one night in the pub together, she started the whole 'can men and women just be friends' topic.


I thought I'd use the opportunity to say that they probably can't and that I'd sleep with her if she let me!' to which she replied so would she!!!


Once I'd picked my jaw up off the floor, and asked her to repeat what she'd just said (i was not expecting that answer) she tentatively replied, 'I mean if I was single...' I didn't try anything on with her after that as she knows my interest in her and I see her on a weekly basis.


However the more I get to know her the more I like her and I don't really want to stray to far into the friends zone with her.


What should I do? Is there anything I can do? Help!!



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I have a similar problem: There is this girl that I really really like, but she has a boyfriend, and she told my best friend that her relationship was important to her, but she keeps flirting with me, and knows that I like her. What do I do?

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U know when i read this post only one thing comes to mind




as for her bfriend everything is fair in love and war so dont fret



hey if u like her make it clear ...like with ure actions ..if she is flirting and playin with u then play with her ....


dont worry about her relationship ..casue obviously she aint


so my advise is ure going to lose her or get her in bed ..its a gamble but it s for u to decide whther it is worth it or not PERSONALLY I WOULD GO ALL OUT cause out of experience girls either dig u or they dont 0X

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Do NOT get involved with someone who is already in a relationship, it won't end well. Just be her friend. If her current relationship doesn't work out then she will know that you are there for her. She may end up turning to you afterwards. But if you make a move know you risk ruining her relationship, risk him being upset with you, and risk her feeling guilty or regretting her actions and thus pulling away from you.

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Not saying you should totally forget her... Heck if she's gonna fall for ya she's gonna fall for ya! I left a 2.5 year relationship for my current BF because it just wasn't there with my ex and I whereas I totally felt right with my current BF.


But he didn't do ANYTHING to provoke it. He didn't know I was in a relationship and truth be told he'd have backed off if he had known. I never cheated on my ex, though, because I'm not that type of person. But HAD he known about the relationship and STILL pushed to become closer to me I'd have lost a lot of respect for him. I mean, what does that say about his feelings on commitment and what a relationship is supposed to be?!?! The only complaint he's ever had with our relationship to date, is he wishes I didn't leave my ex for him and wishes we'd have gotten to know one another only once my ex and I were broken up. But I don't know that I could have left my ex if it wasn't for him... But that's another story.


My point is, you know she's got a BF so be her friend. But don't lose your sexuality and don't become her complete confidant. That would come later, once you're together, if that happens. Don't try and get her to cheat on him or leave him. If she wants to leave him, don't stop her. But you SHOULD insist that she leave him not just cheat on him with you, if the relationship goes in that direction. Or else you'll be on here saying "i love her and i know she loves me but she wont leave him" in a few months lol


Also keep your head on straight, if she leaves him for you don't be surprised if she leaves you for some other guy in a bar eventually. Though you may luck out and have just met a girl in a poor relationship with whom you have a great connection, then it may all work out. Like was my situation.


Respect your own self and ur own value, and good luck.

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