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thinking of sex how often?


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I also heard that guys think about sex a lot. You asked how often women think about sex...that depends on several things, in my opinion, like hormones and if there's someone special or if we're stressed. Stress decreases libido through hormones, namely by an increase in cortisol. It seems like when it's closer to that time of the month, most of my friends tell me they feel hornier and they also crave chocolate. If there's someone special that a woman is thinking about, well...I shouldn't have to elaborate more on that one!

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I think about it quite a bit, but not even just sex. I mean if i'm thinking about someone special it might even just be thinking about kissing them, touching them, thinkinga bout the cute way they smile or their eyes etc or other intimate encounters.

This is a good way to consume time, espcecially at work!

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I use to think of sex quite often (not as often as men, though--they're just weird). *lol*


But, at this point in my life, sex just isn't an issue, let alone an afterthought. And the reason for that is the recent experiences in my life (not so pleasant) where my goals have shifted from findin' love to securin' my future financially instead.


Dirty thinkin' will come when this goal has been achieved and I'm intrigued by the opposite sex, again. For the moment the opposite sex has left me in the mires of uncertainty and distrust. This will come to pass and afternoon delights will prevail. *lol*

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I agree with Scout..."they don't even have to be that special." LOL I guess I forgot to mention alcohol can also affect how much women think about and want sex. I don't know...how many drinks do you have till they're cute?


Ops brought up a good point, also. How much a person thinks about sex depends on what's going on in their life at the time. I mentioned stress. I guess it all goes back to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs from psychology 101. The basis of the pyramid is made up of physiological needs, such as food, water, and excretion of wastes. When those needs are met, then a person focuses on getting and receiving love (family and friends). When that's accomplished then he/she moves on to achieve self-esteem. The last level is self-actualization. Maslow theorized that people move through these multiple levels and their needs change, depending upon their circumstances. It makes perfect sense. So, would sex be under self-actualization? \

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Actually Bally, I think the self-actualization area of the pyramid is where you start to give back.. Once all our basic needs are met then we start to give to others. .. much as we do here on eNotalone. Interesting thoughts though.




but let's get back to the topic...from what I see sex is definitely on our minds--we just don't say it.

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Self-actualization could include giving back to others. But, it also includes being the best that we can be. Most people never get there, but we try. I think education, such as college could also fit into self-actualization. Things like going on a mission, joining the peace corps, etc. would fit in there, also. I think the whole point of self-actualization is to get us to realize that we really never reach our full potential. Life is a process of all of these things that happen to us and we are always trying to be better.


Maslow also theorized that people can move through any of these stages at different points in their lives. It makes sense if one day you are living in the US and eating hamburgers and biggie size fries from McDonald's, listening to a psychology lecture on Maslow at college and a week later you are in the peace corps in Africa and not sure if and when you are going to get your next meal.

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Wish we could do all that, but it's a difficult task when all we are thinking about is sex. I'm jk Bally.


I know what you are saying.. that's very deep. I think alot of us don't reach our full potential because of fear. That's my theory anyway .

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