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the thoughts of my ex lingers on from time to time, (prolly because of the fact that i see her with her new guy)

but, i had a neat lil dream 2 nights ago:

i was sitting there in a room and behold, Dave Navarro comes into the room and we started chatting...i don't remember all the details except for one quote "don't worry man, we all gain some and we lose some, it's good to move on because we will end up with somebody who's better than our ex's and that special person will come" (he's holding carmen electra while telling me this)

it was along the lines of that, but it was very inspiring, i think ive been improving a lot better than when i first started, thanks to the help of the people at the forum, and the wise words from friends and family, it's helped a lot

thanks a lot guys!

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