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Has my ex lost the plot


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Well nearly broken up 2 months now

First 3 weeks no contact met up to return items

I asked for another chance was told no

so at that point i gave up all attempts

Than back again

To another week of no contact but now she

Starts texting All different things

-to tell me she doesn't care what I do

-her new tattoo

-asking about my kids

-to just call me a horrific name

I basically ignored them all


She then sent one work related I replied

Got lots of anger and abuse . So I said this isn't working

Even talking leave it here


So first thing Monday morning I get a email

To say best you hear it from me first but I'm basically with other dudes.

I replied and said I won't I make it my business not too..

And she replies with

Nope I'm sure you'll hear from someone !


(Not that this really makes any odds I know the guy she's referring to

Heard through Someone else and he claims nothing happened and

She's making it up .. Who knows ?!)



Seriously what the hell is going on in her head that she thinks

This is normal ok behavior !!!


I sent a message saying leave me alone I don't want you to contact me again.

But wow what was her point in all this drama in the last two weeks ?!

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Hey Gonefishing,


It was defo an attempt to hurt you. Maybe in her head she wanted you to chase her etc, maybe she wanted the ego boost of you wanting her and when that didnt happen she started to lash out? Trying to find way to extract a reaction from you. All in all, these are just some weird twisted attempts for her to massage her own ego. Keep doing what you're doing by not giving in!!! Eventually she will get the hint and wander off and be someone elses problem!!

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Yes, you have now joined team Crazy.


She is doing these things because she "expected" you to "fight" for the relationship.

Yes, I know she broke up w/ you and hurt you.


But it gets better -- if you react, and think about getting back w/ her -- your response will be met with: Duh - gonefishin -- what part of me breaking up w/ you don't you understand".


A no win situation -- except to walk away from the crazy. This is about her ego -- nothing more.

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