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Could this actually work out?


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Here are the parameters of this relationship... tell me if you think it could actually work.


He left his long term girlfriend (3 years) for a girl he knew for two weeks. He is 21 years old.


The new girl (a year younger than he) was wary about starting a relationship but after a few months they eventually got together.


The guy kept in limited contact with his ex the whole time.


The guy and the new girl have been together for a couple months but they have to keep it a secret because they work together as Resident Advisers at their university and dating a co-worker is "frowned upon."


The guy and the new girl don't have any serious conversations. It's just "fun" and "easy" all the time.


All of the mutual friends of the guy and his ex thought the breakup was crazy and out of nowhere. They were supportive of the guy because they were his friends, but ultimately were sad and disappointed that he broke up with this girl who had clearly loved and cared deeply for him for so long.


From an as objective standpoint as possible it seems like this is probably a GIGS/rebound situation. I just don't see how anything that isn't serious and has to be kept a secret is a solid foundation for a relationship. Granted, I could be wrong...who can really say what is or isn't solid...but all you rational, logical people out there... opinions?

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"work out" is relative. They could date a year and then break up...is that "working out"? Depends on their perspective. They might think its fun and exciting to have a secret relationship where another couple might not enjoy that. It all depends on how they experience it I guess. Hopefully the other girl is moving on and feeling good about her bright future ...she deserves that no matter what else is going on.

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