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Need help deciding -- read emails now or later?


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I could use some help with a little decision that's related to a bigger issue. I'll try to be brief.


So, I've received several emails in my work email account from someone I had a conflict with this week, and I don't know whether to (a) read them now and possibly get upset, which is the opposite of what I want for my weekend or (b) read them at work on Monday and possibly get upset there/then.


The person is using a free service my company offers but is notoriously difficult and manipulative and pushy. Really, if I were him I'd be embarrassed at myself. I've been struggling to not let his behavior affect me, but it does. Thus I am having a hard time deciding what action to take so that I keep him and his negativity as far away from me as possible.


I'm leaning toward not reading the emails now (no need to, from a customer-service perspective; I won't get in trouble) because they'll probably make me upset. And because if I were to respond, it could encourage him to write more unnecessary and aggravating emails.


But, if I don't read them now, it might hang over me all weekend, knowing I've gotta deal with his pointless demands then. And, theoretically, if I read them today I could have time to do something fun to counteract his negativity.


Can someone give me some impartial perspective on this? Thanks.

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If you decide not to read the emails now - and there's no reason why you should, as it's the weekend - then make sure you DO do something fun, to give you a bit of perspective and, well, to have fun. Regardless of his negativity.


You have a choice as to whether this hangs over you all weekend. Don't let it!

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