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Things to do with your gf wen you cant have total privacy?

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most of the time that me and my gf get alone is in one another's basement but parents are always in the house upstairs and there is always the possibilty of them coming down and catching us doing something...i was wondering what a girl likes that doesnt require anything too sexual if at all....i want her to be satisified and feel good, but not neccesarily anything with clothes off etc....



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Easy access, huh, DBL?


Have you thought about fingering her through her clothes? While that's getting pretty sexual, it's not very obvious. If parents walk in, just stop and rest your hand on her knee or something. Make sure that both of you are ready for something like that as it can be quite a big step for some people.


Otherwise, I think all the other things have already been mentioned: finger nibbling/sucking, kissing on the neck and ears, etc. Maybe breast fondling? That's nice, too. Does she like having her hair played with? Sometimes little things like that can be better than the more sexual stuff, anyway.

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If all i'm getting is nibble fingers, then I might as well just sit back and watch a movie with my parents.


I guess I had it pretty easy like that. My parents philospy was "D won't be coming home pregnant". Doesn't make a whole lot of sense now because I would still have to deal with it if she did get pregnant. I admit I was butsted by my parents several times...even when I was older and was staying at their home I got caught on the porch. The girl was embarrassed...I thought it was funny.


Anyway..who said you have to sit in the house? Tell your parents you need to go for a walk.



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hm.. you can fool around by kissing and end up laying in the couch kissing, that doesn have anyhting to do with taking your clothes off.. and about the bedroom thing... I am allowed to go to my bf's bedroom becuase his parents are not home but he is Not allowed in mine.. I have 2 olde5r sisters hwho become so annoying! and my parents too... Some parents just don't allowe bf or gf in teh bedrooms reason: they don't want them to have sex

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