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How can I just let go and give my heart completely without holding back? Has anyone else felt like this?


My boyfriend and I have a pretty rocky past, but lately things have improved enormously. All of our problems have been solved. I love him so much. But because of our past, I'm having problems letting my heart completley free and off-guard. It makes it difficult to even look forward to the future, while I do want it. I just have a fear that something will go wrong, although he has been trying so hard to dissprove this lately.


So, as I asked before, how can I get rid of this and stop holding back? Thanks so much!

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Trust in yourself that you can make it work. Don't worry about what he might do; concentrate on your actions in the relationship. You can start by giving yourself a pat on the back that you contributed to solving the problems in the relationship. May I remind you that is no easy feat?!


You did good. I think you have what it takes to continue the success of this relationship.

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Trust your boyfriend, and believe in him. Don't think about the bad things that can happen but instead focus on how good things are right now. Let yourself enjoy this relationship.


There are no guaratees, unfortunately, the best we can do is to believe in each other. If you spend all your time thinking about how bad things can get ---chances are they will.


Trust ... thats very important. Trust until he proves you otherwise. If you show him you trust him you are also showing him you love him.


Best of luck

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