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quick question of opinion

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was talking to my ex about why she was wearing the ring I fixed for her and she basically told me it was just a ring she liked because her mom gave it to her and she appreciated me fixing it. Also she recently went to a wedding with her new boyfriend wearing a dress I bought her. I feel like these are some kinda shot at me or something though im not sure. Anyway she basically said that she "wanted to work on being friendly with eachother" when we see eachother because we have mutual friends. I told her I couldnt settle and be reduced to being friends to which she was unhappy about.


So my two questions are.


Whats the deal with the ring and dress? pot shots? simply just a dress and a ring now?


Was it a bad idea to basically say I didnt want to be friends with her If i would still like to get her back?

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I think your looking into things too much. I wear a ring all the time an ex of 3 years ago bought me because I really like it, and i use and wear gifts exes have bought because I like the items not because of their sentimental value.


If she's seeing someone else and you need space and time to heal then I think it's for the best you don't have any contact with her.


I don't think you can get her back, she's moved on. If she want's to come back, she knows where you are.

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My guess is that she is still wearing the ring because her mom gave it to her and not because you fixed it. As far as the dress goes, I'm guessing it's just a dress and it seemed like an appropriate dress to wear to the wedding. It probably wasn't a shot at you.


I don't know of the reasons the two of you broke up, but you're not together now and that says a lot. If you're still interested in being with her and she's moving on by dating someone else, then it's probably best to put some distance between the two of you and move on yourself. If you really feel like it's important, you can be honest with her that what you actually want is to date her again and I'm sure she'll be honest with you in whether or not she wants that. If she doesn't then you need to move on and enjoy your own life, until you meet someone else, too.


I know it can be hard when you try to stay friends with an ex. I have an ex who wanted to stay friends but I still loved him, so I had to cut him out of my life in order to be okay and move on. It's okay to not stay friends with your ex.

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I agree with this... And just want to add.... some people can't look at things given by their ex and get rid of them. some people are okay with the gifts and just continue to use them. I don't think it has anything to do with how you felt about the person. I've pitched gifts and I've kept some and in both cases, it was just how I felt. It was not a sign to my ex. It was my stuff so I did with it as I pleased.


I think it's important to move on and just have fun... Its really hard to forget about someone when you are so focused on it. Dating new people can help but if you are not ready for that, just focusing on your own life will help, too. Life is short... don't get so wrapped up in a person that is not meeting your needs. You can't change or fix anyone... but you can choose to meet new people and find someone that meets your needs. just sayin

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