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will he understand what i said or he will misunderstand?


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I am 22 years old and I am with my bf for 4 years now. There are a lot of time that I really love him and have a great time with him but there are also a lot when I feel that I am too young to have a relationship for so many years. Also we do not leave close to each other but we are 3 hours away so the relationship is tough anyway.

The problem is that in all that I met a guy: a really nice guy,funny,handsome,social etc and one of my friends told me that he had asked if I am seeing someone. At first I didnt care but then i kind of liked him...a lot...we were out with a bunch of people and we were talking when i told him that i am with my bf for so long and he clearly showed that 'you are with someone so thats it'. he also told my friend when she asked him what we were talking about this night and if he was hitting on me and he said of course not, she has a 4 years relationship how could i? but she believes that he likes me. the point is that in order to find out myself i told him today that relationships change and i have some difficulties now with mine, that situations change also etc. what do you believe? will he understand that i told all this for him to realize that i am not 'prohibit fruit' or he will think i consider him so good friend that i tell him my problems?

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i do not really believe that when you just like someone is cheating. what if it is only enthusiasm and break up for nothing? i never said to do something with this other guy but before i break up i need to know what he feels for me and what i really feel for him.

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Then you already know what you want to do. But thats like saying if this guy likes you, you'll break up with your boyfriend. Is it through fear of being alone that you don't want to end things with your boyfriend anyway?


If your not happy with your boyfriend why haven't you ended it?


Also. If you feel too young to be in a long term relationship why are you so ready to jump into another one?


I'm not going to say what i Think you should do but I just think they are good questions to ask yourself before you decide anything for sure.


I wish you the best

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