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girl left with no contact...


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Hi all, I met a girl at an event last night. I must say I was really really attracted to her... one of the very few girls that I have recently felt a strong attraction for.


Its not really in my favor because I know only her name and that she lives in my area. I didn't get a chance to get her number. Also, when I was talking to her, it felt a bit one-sided on top of it, I saw her talking to this guy for a long time.


I know I am being silly but I found her on Facebook. Should I send her a message saying I didn't get a chance to get her number but would like to ... or something like that.


Geez. I am acting like I am 20... but really, I haven't felt that kind of attraction in a while...


Any tips?

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Do you have any mutual friends with her? If so then go for it. If you don't, still go for it - I just know that a while back when facebook went through yet another change, it automatically changed peoples settings so that if they got a message from someone they didn't have any mutual friends with then it went straight to the "other" box... at least that's what happened to mine. I agree with microha65, doing nothing will result in nothing so you don't have anything to lose.

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It's simple, doing nothing will result in nothing. Send her a message, ask for her number, or whatever. But DO SOMETHING, otherwise nothing will happen and you'll never have an answer to that "what if" question you'll get later.


Good advice, I personally like to put the ball in their court. I don't like to deal with what ifs or regrets, so I will go out of my way to make sure I do what I want to do.


You never know if you never try

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