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need advice about a girl...

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sup, everyone? there's this real cute girl in my "once a week" class. we've never talked b4 or said "hi", but b4 class 2day, i said "hey, can i ask u somethin real quick." she said "sure". then i said, "i don't know if you're seein anyone, but would u be cool with gettin together sometime?" then she said in a sympathetic way, "sorry, i have a boyfriend. we can be friends tho." i figured she just said that to be nice. i expected her to walk away to not make this any more awkward, but then she said "i'll give u my number." that was unexpected, but i said "oh, ok", then i took my cell phone out and she told me it. then, i asked what her name was, she told me, then asked for mine. i asked if she lived on campus, she said no, then asked me. we talked for a few more seconds, then that was it. i really like her too, but what do you guys think about all this, especially the girls? thanks. i appreciate it..

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Ok, there could be many things going on. But what I think is that she sees something attractive in you, but she's taken. So maybe if her bf dumped her you would be her first choice. But those are just assumptions. It's never good to make too many assumptions. So, just try to be a friend and see how things develop or evolve. Good luck on this one.

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i suppose its a good thing that she gave u her number and all, instead of giving u the cold shoulder after she told u that she has a bf. There are many possibilities, the post above told u the right thing. But since she's commited now (or that's wat she tells u ) u'd better not make a move and cause trouble. Just stay cool and remain as friends. Keep ur contact with her and see how things goes.

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thanks, guys, for the feedback. i appreciate it. you're both right. unless i can read her mind, all i can do is assume. most girls i know with boyfriends won't give their numbers out to guys after they ask them out. they might think "what if i'm leading him on" or "what if he calls while i'm with my boyfriend". so for her to do it means she's either really friendly or somethin's up. i just wish 99% of the girls in my school weren't taken already. i'll probably just call her every once in a while, get to know her and leave it at that. if any girls have some advice about this, please leave some feedback. thanks again and take care...

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I don't know, it sounds kinda weird that she gave you her number. I would never give a guy my number that had just asked me out when I have a boyfriend. It is possible that she lied about having a boyfriend and it is also possible that she is not happy with her boyfriend. She obviously sees something in you if she was willing to give you her number especially without you asking for it. Weird situation. My advice is to stay cool, become friends with her, and see what happens. Do you know how long she has been with her boyfriend? If it is something new, it may not be serious yet. Good luck!

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sup? thanks for the feedback, daisy. that's a good question, ma. i'm not sure how long they been goin out. another girl that i asked about this said the same thing you said about it being weird that i got her number. i guess weird in a good way for me. honestly, when i asked her to get together sometime, that may have been too fast cause i didn't even try and have a conversation with her, especially since we didn't even know each other's names let alone talked before. if she is lying about having a boyfriend, that may be the reason why she did. i know some girls that do have a lot of friends that are guys, so this situation may be just as simple as that. but then again, maybe not. thanks again for the feedback. more would be cool. take it easy...

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