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Ex wife and I are talking like we're still married. I want her back


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I will cut straight to the point. We have been talking a lot lately. Tonight she asked for my input on her career, and my thoughts on a possible career change. We talk 3-4 hours everyday now and tonight she said how much she appreciates me. In our marriage she was very cold to me, and I really think she is making those statements in an attempt to show me she has changed. I never had any other problems with her otherwise. I think we are a great couple and I definitely want her back. Am I reading to deep into this or do you think these are all signs she wants me back?

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How long have you been divorced? And were the problems stemming from the attention she paid to you?


She could want you back, or also the other possible is that she considers you a friend now. It is hard to say. Some people find they are better as friends.


Would you be willing to make a move? Or would you think that she would ever wnat to try again.

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Abitbroken; she has been asking me so many questions on a personal level i feel i can really rule out that this is an isolated incident. The reasons for the divorce is that we could not effectively talk out our differences. It was so petty. Since our daughter was born we have both changed significantly. We had NC for 8 months and a month ago we started talking like we're still married. When we talk in person she does all the faces she made when she is flirting. She plays with hair and has a vibe that she's into me.


Forumguy; my plan was to build it up to the point she practically invites herself. There are so many positives and negatives with that strategy it is really hard to say if I should do that. She's going to check out a daycare soon and I'm going to ask if we can can together.

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Well I just saw her in person and asked if she would pick me up so we can go to the daycare together. She gave a very enthusiastic yes! That was a small victory on the battlefield, in an ongoing war. (Pretty dramatic). Also this might be TMI but I started to get excess blood flow in the you know what area of the body. ;D

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