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Have crush on two ppl.. which one should i choose?? :(


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Hello everyone.. i am new in here (just registered now) and this is my first post.. my name is Tiffany.


The 1st one, lets call the first one Keeva. He is one of the smartest in school and he is calm. We are close together but not like couples. We are kinda like best friends. So yh, i liked him .. he is very nice to me. One thing is.. he is not interested in love or whatever. Today, i kinda say him a lie "i liked u at 7th grade" which is actually not really true. and he asked "Why???" but i say nothing back. So.. he is a really nice guy


2nd one, lets call him AKZ as his real name. He is very athletic and one of the most athletics in school. He is really cool. Not like the others, he is calm. He is a fun guy. We didnt talk at schoo but we usually chat on Facebook. We are friendly each other.


So.. both obviously do not know that a girl(me) have crush one her.....


I really dun want to be called as "player".. i love them both! however i am gonna choose one of them and fprget about the other one. i really need suggestions from all of you of which guy should i choose.




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