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your words saved me


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my mind in a depressive state

felt like death was my fate

in a dark hole with my pen in my hand

i sat writing suicidie notes to all my friends and fam

i had been robbed of my sanity

and behind my eyelides the tears were errupting and sinking into my salty wounds

i met you in a dark memory

sitting the pool

without a clue

about ready to kill myself was on my mind to

dround myself in the dark water of the mystic ever land

your words, your mind, your eyes

kept me sanitized

in a way you took my knife

wiped the blood from my veins

and told me it would be ok

i never knew you had such control

but your words more than i could hold

you made my heart raise from the pits of hell

and once again i fell

i fell for you...

from the kisses

to your deepest sympathys

i rested my head on your shoulders

and we cryed together..

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