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Are women consistantly "up" during ovulation, and "down" during menstration?


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I am interested if there are any predictable, consistancies in women's behavior during ovulation and the menstration, which follows ovulation. Are (heterosexual) women most always interested in erotic or romantic feelings and emotions for the opposite sex during ovulation? Are (heterosexual) women most always easily cranky, irritable, cramping, upset, or sick, and not interested in the opposite sex, during menstration?

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I wouldnt say there is a noticeable up, but if i could take a day off work and not speak to anyone on my worst day (I don't usually suffer bad cramps either) I would be happy.

The day or two before menstruation you can feel it is going to happen,an aching, and you feel like your insides are ripping away quietly.

I would not say I was necessarily cranky, just withdrawn. I would not be interested in sex at all during this time. The couple of days before the inkling of a cycle (say 4 days before cycle) I definitely am more aroused than usual.

I am affected differently at different times of the cycle with alcohol. Sometimes getting drunk on not very much, after menstruation I can drink and drink and not get tipsy.

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It's really individual. I'm a female and I am very interested in the opposite sex during menstruation. I'm interested in intimacy of all sorts during that time. I'd feel disappointed if my guy distanced himself from me during that time! I'm much crankier, sicker, and feel generally yuckier leading up to my period. That's when I don't want to be bothered with anything, I just want to focus on myself for a little bit.


Communication solves this problem, or at least eases it, big time. If you can talk to your partner about how you feel and what you need, even in the middle of feeling yucky, no one has to guess. No one has to feel bad.


There is no rule saying you can't ask, either. I was really happy when my bf didn't *****foot around the topic.

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