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No one said no contact was easy ;(


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Hey folks. Just out of a breakup now since feb 1st was a 2.5year relationship.

I'll try be honest as possible .we both loved each other so much like no other person before.

Things were difficult as friends and family never really accepted us but we were together almost 24/7

Best friends the lot...

We did argue and bicker like most people mostly silly stupid stuff just made bigger than it was.

I had been struggling for say the last 6months dealing with depression (mainly in denial) my ex stood by me the whole time and to be honest I made her life a misery . I pushed everyone away her included.

This built up and came to the point in feb where I succeeded and pushed her away only problem is I hit otal rock bottom again once she left.. I wanted her gone pushed her away and got left on my own.

In some ways this was a blessing in disguise made me see I needed professional help dealing with my issues .. Which I'm getting that are helping too .

I'm feeling better ish daily but miss her so much .

Basically after the breakup I sent some friendly texts about asking to drop over and wasn't greeted to well.

Decided to give it another week and asked any chance you'd like to talk maybe sort things ..

Was told no .. And I left things there its been now 2 solid weeks of no contact and haven't seen her in 3weeks.

I've tried to be respectful not harass her or stalk and give her space. I know she still loves me I haven't the heart to ring her or text again to ask do I keep on having no contact?

Is it true that as time goes on you do get missed?

Is 2/3 weeks really to short to expect any contact from her ?

I've hurt this girl alot but I love her with all my heart . Part of me says I'm doing the

Right thing leaving her be but it breaks my heart I miss her.

Has anyone any advice that can help. I must say I was on another forum and found it very negative and almost bitter the advice.. I like the general vibe around here and love people's more open and upbeat attitude.

Thank you for taking the time to read this sorry my writing skills are so poor ;(


(Just can't believe someone you spend so much time with just disappeared and havent heard

A ****y bird.. What should I do and in case it looks like I just breezed over my part it's not case

I'm very very sorry for how I treated her and everyone in my life but I'm trying to get back to myself again)


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Well, I'm going to echo what the other forum probably said.


You pushed her away, you hurt her, and now she's gone and you can't figure out why she isn't coming back to you, or interested in talking. Here is a life lesson for you and hopefully you learn something.


Your choices, your actions, your behaviors, all have consequences, whether you like them or not, whether you believe you deserve them or not. Also, you cannot make people respond or react to your behavior the way you believe they should. I believe, based on what you've written, that you think that just because you received some sort of intervention and help, your ex girlfriend should automatically respond the way you'd like her to....unfortunately, thats not going to happen.


If you are interested in trying to get her back, you need to get rid of your self centered way of looking at the situation. Get off yourself, and on to her for a second and consider her feelings of being unfairly and unjustly rejected by you, while she stood by your side as you navigated through depression. Instead of a thank you, you broke up with her.


You are 100% in the wrong here.


Your attitude needs adjusting. You need to ask her to forgive you, and be unconditional about it. "I was wrong, and I was stupid to break up with you _________(name here) and I wish I could go back in time and do things differently. Please forgive me. If you are willing to give me another chance, I would be grateful. If you are unable to do that, I totally understand and will give you your space. (which means, leave her alone - and mean it). I still love you and hope you know that I don't blame you for anything, you did nothing wrong. My immaturity was and is the problem here and I am going to change that by dealing with depression differently next time. I am VERY sorry for hurting you."

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