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Can a guy really be in a relationship with a Virgin Girl? without Cheaiting....


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I don't know what other post you're talking about, but a guy flirting is a guy trying to have sex or get into a relationship with a girl. There's no other reason to do it, so if that's what's going on, yeah, it will be acted upon at some point. But that has nothing to do with dating a virgin, it's just something that dishonest cheaters do.

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Yes, it is possible but if someone has had relationships involving sex before, it is less likely that a sex-free relationship will last, particularly if it is likely to be of some longish duration. And of one partner suddenly decides to make it sexless having previously had sex, or if they have had sex with previous partners, that too is likely to be problematic.


It's all very romantic to say that if someone loves their partner, they will wait but in reality sexual frustration can erode love fairly quickly.

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It definitely depends on the guy. I don't need sex to define my committments. Also, flirtation isn't always a tool for instigating sexual intercourse. Sometimes it's just for "fun".


I put "fun" in quotes because it's often practice for the "real thing", like most playful activities (sports, word games, etc).

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