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Need some advice

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Okay to get started, a friend of mine introduced me to a girl he knew. She is 17 and I'm 19. Anyways, we go on a double date as friends with my friend and his girl. We have a nice dinner and she asks me for my phone number, so I gave it to her. Then we drop her off and I get a little kiss on the cheak goodbye.


Next weekend she calls me and asks me what I was doing. She wanted to go out with my friend and his girl again, but my friend played it off like he was busy and so just me and her went out for dinner. After dinner I dropped her off at home and she said to come visit her at her work saturday.


Saturday I stop in and talk to her at work for about 2 hours (her boss is nice). After that sunday we go out and play pool (with my friend).


Okay now it got kind of weird. The next week she has an excuse friday (I really don't remember what). So I said how about we go do something tomorrow? She said okay. I call her the next day and she says... "Oh I forgot I have a party I have to go to". So she blows me off. Sunday she calls me and asks me to go to lunch. I was busy and she said she'd call me back to go out later. I didn't get a call.


The next weekend my friend tells me not to call her. I was getting tired of waiting so I just called her Friday. She said she wanted to go out, but she had plans already for today and Saturday. Sunday comes and she didn't call.


Okay now... I'm not really sure if she is interested in me at all or not. My friends tell me not to call her and let her call me, but I'd like to call her during the week and just say hi. They tell me to just wait until she calls. I'm confused... can anyone give me some advice? I can't tell if she just wants to be friends or if she'd like to go out with me as something more then that.

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You liked her and now she's blowing you off. That's all you need to know. Sucks but it's true. It's not cool of her to not talk to you. What should you do? Meet her, get a feel for her, you'll know in a couple of seconds, probably less. Heck, you already know. Say, so, like, uhm... what's the deal? You've not invested that much of yourself in her, so just be bummed a bit and move forward. It's all you can do. You can't make her like you.

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Sounds like she is blowing you off. Don't waste your time sitting around for her to call, and I probably would not call her. I would of lost my patience with that after the first weekend she blew me off.


My advice...don't call...and move on. If the friend that set you up tells you not to call her...he may have his reasons.



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Hi there,

First of all you called her too late in the week to get a weekend date. You called her Friday. Chances are she had already made plans by then.


The best thing is too always call by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest to get a Saturday or Sunday date. Earlier in the week is much better. It's a bit unrealistic to call someone and expect them not to have plans already for the next day, don't you think? The first time she was free, lucky for you, but it doesn't usually happen that way.


This is just one of those things you catch on as you date more. So make sure you call her early enough that she might be free. If she repeatedly gives you a NO even if you are calling way in advance only THEN would I say she is blowing you off.


Hope this helps

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hey i got your PM i hope this is the topic u wanted me to reply to...



well, i agree w/ muneca u probably did just called too late in the week. but whatever the case, give it another go then be like 'peace!' ya know-move on, forget about her if she declines again. but hey who knows.. it is midterm time in highschools & colleges maybe the chick is jus busy & has like no time for her buds so it HAS to be on weekends. ehh so wat, carry on with yourself i wouldnt stress someone youve only been on a few 'dates' with anyway. onto the next one i'd say. have fun!



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