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Does she want to talk to me?

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Theres this girl I like in school and she knows I like her. Everytime I see her, she tries to avoid eye contact with me even though we are like standing face to face. I don't really know if thats a sign shes not interested in me or not.


I recently had a party and we were all playing truth or dare...a game suggested by this girl. Is it possible that she wanted something to happen? Also, 2 of her/my friends went up to her at different times and both asked "Do you like him" and "Would you go out with him if he asked" and she said "I dunno" At the party I had, someone asked her if she liked me and she didnt give an answer but rather tried avoiding to answer the question. Keep in mind that she has never had a b/f before and this is all new to her.


She has told me on msn that I should get to know her a bit better before anything happens because I just met her in June...hanvet talked to her through July/Aug cuz school was out.


So I have a few questions for you guys (and girls ).


Do you think she likes me?

Do you think she avoids eye contact because she doesnt want to talk to me?

How would I start to engage a conversation with her? Since its hard to start one cuz she avoids eye contact with me and she 'pretends' that she doesnt see me.

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I would say she probably doesnt but since it is so out in the open and a lot of people i.e. her friends that she doesnt know how to deal with it. A general rule of thumb is that if a girl likes you, then you will catch her looking at you or making quick glances at you and turning away shyly. But it doesnt sound like she is doing this. She may not like you and not know how to deal with turning you down since you have confronted her so boldly with her friends and stuff. I dunno, maybe she does, maybe she's playing games. Who knows? maybe she doesnt even know how to play games. But the whole no eye contact thing makes me suspicious. good luck. I bet if you acted like you didnt want her anymore you could find out for sure though. See how she acts when you take the attention away. Just an idea. later

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well, then i say do what i suggested in the previous post. Take the attention completely away for like two days and see what happens. She already knows you like her and by doing this you will be able to notice a change in behavior. If she likes you she will wonder what is going on and start paying more attention to you. HOWEVER YOU MUST BE TUNED INTO WHAT HER BODY LANGUAGE SAYS. I dont have enough time to lecture you on how to read body language, but just stay alert and follow your gut. Thats the best advice I can give at this time. good luck man.

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wow! this is just like what i am going through! If the girl ignores you it's mainly because she is confused herself about you. and with the truth or dare thing, shes trying to make sure that your still interested. girls like to play hard to get to see if the guy is really worth going out with or if they're just playin them. at least thats what i think.

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She doesn't seem interested. It always puts a girl in a more awkward position once she knows that someone likes her, especially if she doesn't feel it for the guy. You never know, it's possible she may be shy. If you ask her out and she declines, there's no doubt she's not interested. If she accepts, she might be interested but she might also accept it as a friendly outing. Pay attention to how she acts and not what she says.

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