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don't know what she wants


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I met this girl last night in a local chat room. We started talking, then she asked me to tell a little about myself. So I did, then right away she said "I would LOVE to meet you." I was a little weirded out because we didn't even have a conversation. Then she asks for my number and gives me two of hers. Then she wanted to know my last name. We barely talk when we're having a conversation. I asked why she wants to talk on the phone and meet so soon, and she said "to get to know each other better."


I'm a little confused. Does she want just a friend to chat with? Or is she looking for me to be her boyfriend of some kind? I've never had a cyber relationship before and honestly i'm not looking for one. I thought this was a chat room for people to hook up as "adults" if you know what i mean. I was only browsing around. Most of the people there are looking for sex with someone in their area. So i don't know what she wants from me. I think its strange how she wants to meet me seconds after talking to me and seeing my picture. And today she called me "sweetie" and names like that. That is odd because we have barely spoken! It wouldn't even count as a conversation. What do you guys think? I don't really know whats going on here, something just seems a little strange to me, maybe i'm wrong. Thanks.

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Well you could ask. But given how fast she seems to be moving and how much information she asked you for, my guess is she is either wanting to just "hook up" (since you said it is an "adult" chatroom) or she is one of the crazy people you can find online.


Ask her, depending on answer and what you want - either check it out, or run


Oh yeah, hope you did not give her your last name? You should ALWAYS use caution on those until after you have met them.

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Don't worry, i didn't want to give my last name and i told her that. I didn't give her my home number either. I asked her what she's looking for, and she said "to get to know each other better." I have no idea what that means. If she just wants to hook up, i wish she would be forward about it instead of acting like we're together.


The weird thing is, she lives hours away from me, on the other side of the state. And she wants to meet. Weird, huh? ...Thanks everyone

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