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Was I a rebound? He is already with someone else after 11 days


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Hi there. I'm 26 and in December I met a seemingly lovely guy on a dating website, who is 24. We started chatting and agreed we were looking for something special to develop into a relationship, and would like to take it slow, in his words. Things actually progressed quite quickly over a month. We saw eachother a few times a week and he had already told his family about me, just days into meeting me. I also met his friends. Things were perfect so to speak. Although I felt it was quick, he said he hadn't met anyone special since his last long term relationship ended 9 months prior. I also felt he did have some emotional scars but seemed ready to try.


However things went wrong when I really needed him. My dad died suddenly a month ago and my world just stopped. This guy seemed to care alot and said I meant a lot to him so would be there for me. A few days later we met up to just give me a break, but I was feeling stressed and he noticed so he took me home as it was too soon to try and be normal. From that day, he started backing off and pushed me away until i was the one to say let's call it a day. He apologised saying it wasn't me, that his life was a mess with money and work troubles, which I knew about and was trying to support him. It didn't help as I think he was all talk and when it was me who needed help, he ran. He also texted me a few days later saying how rubbish his life was and it was really getting him down. I called him selfish and didn't get a reply.


A few days later I noticed he was back on the dating site. I had him on facebook and noticed that he had added a few ladies very quickly. He added one in particular on the 1st February and it is now plastered all over facebook that they are in a relationship. This is just over two weeks since he abandoned me, after saying he would be there and I was 'special and perfect'.


All I was looking for was a genuine man and he claimed he was. Is this a rebound from his long term relationship? I feel it was, despite my genuine feelings for him. Now he's involved with someone despite knowing her for less than 2 weeks. I'm just speechless and so sad having to deal with this and grieving for my lovely dad


I know I must sound like a complete mug, but all I was looking for was a genuine man wanting the same as me. I could only go on what he told me. Is he really

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Sounds like he was just messing around. The net has unfortunately given us the opportunity to go and pick someone in an instant. So, there's never a shortage. He obviously wasn't genuine. When the heat turned up he was out of that kitchen quick! Oh and the whole ‘it's me not you' haha that's a classic and you know it! Good riddance. Don't ever accept him in your life again. They usually come back when they an emotional or sexual boost. Move on to healthier higher people.

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