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  1. I mean , maybe look for someone in Wellington?
  2. He is insecure and jealous. Unless you're posting nude pics and messaging tons of men, i don't see what his problem is. He is just insecure. He needs to get over it! Sounds a tad controlling that does.
  3. too fast too soon! He probably found another girl and British me are notorious for having low emotional expression and tend to be bale to detach very easily. You loved, fought, had sex etc in an intense few weeks and that's all it was. It's too far to work too. I mean New Zealand and UK???? Might as well be Jupiter! I would just see it as a beautiful memory and move on. You might hear from him, you never know-but h's been rude not messaging, if he does get back. Bear that in mind.
  4. That is seriously F'd up! He needs serious help. If he can't break this habit dump him or destroy your own mind and self. I know its easy for me to say, but you need to let him go, unless he seek serious help, but even then, i think it's better to let him go, after the sick stuff h's got caught up in. Porn is lethal and this p[roves it. Hope you both find peace of mind
  5. Sexuality is very fluid. Sounds like you're straight, but just curious about same sex. That's okay. You seem to have anxiety around same sex attraction too, which can confuse who and what you are attracted to. Just see it as apart of your sexual personality and it will probably pass. You can be attracted to the same sex and never do anything or not want to really action it or not enjoy it if it happens etc lots of options. Sound like you're feeling vulnerable too and that could be confusing your natural heterosexual state. Don't pressure yourself, just let yourself know you have a side to you
  6. You're feeling guilty, because what you did is hurtful to a person you loved and there's simply no other way around it. You can't have her and the new girl, so, just accept that and let the missing feelings pass and make your life with the new girl. At least you did the right thing and were open and honest with your ex. (It's sad and relationships carry alot of pain and pleasure), but if you were going to end up very unhappy, then it's absolutely the right thing to do for both off you.
  7. Sounds like he is just making excuses and can't really be bothered. Might even be sleeping around esp online. Not wishing someone a safe flight when you love or care for them is pathetic and downright rude. Not sure how that is linked to depression and anxiety? In that case he could say anything to you and say it's the latter!? I would dump him..not in a mean way..but in a kind caring way esp if he has mental health issues..he maybe of a fragile mind...
  8. He sounds like a typical shallow fitness freak male-into the physical, over the emotional. Pretty shallow actually. The losing weight advice he is giving is good if he really deeply loved you and wanted you to improve your health and look good as a bonus. Sounds like a gym rat and prob needs to be with a girl who is into looking slim and gyming it all the time, but god forbid she starts putting weight on too,,,he will be not happy again and dump her-maybe he needs to get with one of his gym rat buddies and they can both admire each others 8 pacs! Slight case of male gym narcissism i'd say!!
  9. Hi-he is just doing what alot of men do on dating apps and in real life if they can get away with it--but it's easy to get away with on online dating--when i say 'men', i mean men who have low morals and empathy. So, i'm afraid he has just used you for sex and was probably doing the same to quite a few other women and maybe men too. It's very common online for men to try and have sex with as many people as possible but dress it up as them wanting a relationship or even a friendship with erm benefits. Welcome to the new world of low empathy..esp true for males. I would just cut him out of your
  10. To be fair ,it's understandable that you're a bit jealous, but you have been to these awful places yourself and prob slept with girls/guys or whatever..., so, it's not fair to now impose these jelouse restrictions on her. If she does meet a guy out there and it is very possible, as lots of good looking guys who visit these places, then at least you will know that it wasn't meant to be. You can't control her, she had her own free will and it just makes you look like you have issues.
  11. oh, thought she was there partying and stuck there now haha...okay..OP talk talk talk talk.....looks like ....there's gonna be storms ahead...can feel those winds now!
  12. H's only saying 'it's not fair on you' because that's what alot of men do to girls ,to shift the blame. Cowardly. He us just using you. He will get rid once he has someone wlese. Sorry, sounds harsh, but h's just being selfish and having his cake and eating it too. Dump him!
  13. P.S maybe sit down and have a chat when she's back
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