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Low self esteem! Not experience?


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Recently, I've applied at some retail jobs online. They ask you a bunch of questions about your personality. I try to be honest as possible, and some questions were questions about how I think about myself. I'm not much of a confident person. Did I make a mistake about telling the truth? I'm having problems.

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have you already filled it in dougie ?


if so ...then its done and no use worrying ..


if you havent done it yet , what I would do is rather than outright paint a false picture of myself , I would just highlight my good points and leave aside my negatives ...so your not lying as such , your just not offering all the facts .


these things are hard ..confidence is hanging on the edge of arrogance with some people , so you don't want to give that off ( your not like that anyway dougie , I know your not) and then you can be a total introvert lacking confidence which would make an employer wonder if your assertive enough for the job ....its finding that balance .


if you havent filled it in yet ..put a few of the questions up here and see if we can help you fill it in .

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flippin eck , it's like a trap haha


I would be the same as you , wondering what the hell my answers was telling them about me ...


well as it was tick a box type of thing thats better than you having had to pour your heart and soul out ..


the example you gave ...


I would have said "agree"


because disagree would make me feel like I was going the jump on the band wagon of gossip and back stabbing ..and the "strongly" bit I would have avoided to make it a little more neutral and not so adamant in my decision .


be intersting to see what others would say and how they interpret it .

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A lot of places make you do out that survey. It's the same at each job.


My advice? If you want the job, just fill out the survey like how a PERFECT employee would.


What is a perfect employee like? 100% flexible hours. (When they ask if you are willing to work days, evenings, nights, weekends, weekdays, holidays, you always say YES YES YES YES), perfectly chipper, agreeable but not a doormat, nice and works well with other employees but will whistle blow if they see store rules being broken, things like that.


You need to find a job. Don't let this survey trip you up. Just fill it out like a perfect employee would.


Are you a perfect employee? No. But no one really is. And you need this job. You're in your 30s and you're not a felon so there is no reason for you not to be able to work retail.

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I would put "disagree" btw. Managers and bosses know that gossiping and BS happens at work. It happens at any job in which you have to work with others. Putting "disagree" indicates that you're unphased when the normal work gossip BS happens. The boss wants to know that you're not going to get bent out of shape about it when it happens and can just ignore and continue to work.


I HATE work gossip and don't participate but I'd still put "disagree" for myself because I just ignore and put my head down and work. That's what you're supposed to do.

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thats fair enough fudgie ..so this survey is kinda the norm these days huh


Sure is. Retail places all do it. I even had to do it for my hospital job, although I'm really in a "people" position and have to deal with many patients one-on-one, so it was in their better interests to know that I'm not prone to biting people's heads off.

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Sure is. Retail places all do it. I even had to do it for my hospital job, although I'm really in a "people" position and have to deal with many patients one-on-one, so it was in their better interests to know that I'm not prone to biting people's heads off.


I have never done it ..so dougie ...don't listen to me hahah


I had to go in front of a selection board for the prison service and they fired questions like that ...


anyway one of the question ..


" who are you serving as a prison officer "


so I said " the prisoners" then went on to say how I saw the roll of a PO and the input and work needed for rehab etc etc etc ...oh I was on a right roll ..


It was actually wrong , a PO serves the public to protect them from the prisoners .

I just never looked at it like that at all ...a different perspective . However they had liked

the reasons I gave for my answer and all went well .


I love things like this ...I like to hear all the individual reasons why we give the answers we do ....mostly there is no right a wrong in this kind of stuff .

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I like those open-ended questions better, shootingstar. You can tell more about a person from those.


I had a one-on-one and a peer interview for my job and they asked me a lot of open-ended questions and I answered them honestly. I felt they got a good look into how I am as a worker.

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I already answered them. You have to rate on how you feel. For example: people at work can annoy you if they gossip all day.

1. Strongly disagree

2. Disagree

3, agree

4. Strongly disagree



I'd say "agree" because it shows that you're not personally interested in gossip but I'd go with "agree" instead of "strongly agree" so they don't think you're going to get REALLY pissed off and throw a fit if other employees do gossip. Unless you feel really strongly about something, I'd answer like you think they'd WANT you to answer, but if you do feel really strongly about something still try to neutralize it a bit by going with "agree" or "disagree" instead of the stronglys.

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