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Making an improvement(good idea to me but maybe not u)

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Well for like the last 2 weeks i have kept girls off my mind and i have finally told myself that i dont need women.I have been thinking a lot more happily and dont pay attention one bit too any women.Like when attractive girls is in my restaurant or at school i do not glance over or think about women at all anymore.My mind feels like its finally saying i dont need women because they do not make me happy one bit and i shouldnt think of them cause they r mean to me.Cause i shouldnt really like people who put me down and call me ugly.So im just gonna forgot about women all together althought i might be lonely still i dont really care.Been feeling better because i have bene repressing those hormones too.

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Sometimes we have to do what we have to do to get by certain times in our lives to make things easier for us. So if this method helps you get by for now, then go with it. On the other side, be thankful you don't know what you are missing.



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Ya it makes me feel bad and makes me really want a gf.But lately ive just been saying forget women they are evil to me and dont respect me.I dont really need thta in my life now do i?A part of the gender that tells me that im ugly,pathetic,will always be a virgin,and just call me a straight up loser i dont truly need that...So ill just stick with myself and keep things like they are now and forget them they are mean.Depression makes no sense at all.Right now i have the urge to cry and i do not WTH the reason is but u just have that urge and just can never be happy.Although im tyring my hardest to be happy.

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