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Has anyone tried yoga?


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I've done yoga as well. For me it took a few sessions to really appreciate it. It does take your mind off things while you are doing it but it won't necessarily 'clear your mind' altogether unless you really embrace it as a way of life, which I was not inclined to do. I focused on the physical side of it and did not get into the spiritual side of it much. It can do wonders for your abs and body core if you do it regularly! It really depends on what kind of a person you are. It suits more some people than others. It think it is worth giving it a try!

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I have done yoga off and on for over a decade and absolutely love it. Not only did it remove or ease some physical issues I had, but my emotional and spiritual wellbeing greatly improved. Most of my yoga classes have included a brief guided meditation at the end which was a wonderful opportunity to let go of some emotional issues. Now when I haven't gone to a class in awhile I notice that I feel "off" and that reminds me to practice at home or drag my butt to a class lol.


The key to getting into yoga is finding a class that works for you and recognizing that there is no competition. You are there to work with your body in the moment, never forcing. There are so many different styles.... gentle yoga, vinyasa, bikram, yin yang, yoga-pilates, yoga for *insert health condition*, power yoga, iyengar, ashtanga, kundalini, partner yoga, etc. I would recommend sampling a variety of classes, arriving early, and informing the instructor you are new so they can assist you as needed.

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