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What does the post-honeymoon stage of a relationship feel like?


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I've recently started to feel that my relationship with my girlfriend has started to leave the "honeymoon' phase and into something new and different. I've never loved a girl like I have my current girlfriend, but I am starting to feel like our relationship is different.


What would you guys say the feeling of the next phase feels like?

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I'd say when it leaves the honeymoon phase, it's on its way to entering the comfortable phase, the "I'm home" phase. However, the transition towards "home" is also a make or break stage, to see how you both deal with conflicts and such because people put on their best appearances in the honeymoon phase, but it'd go down more.

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Dug this back up for you:


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It's a joke, of course. But there's some truth to it, which is what makes it funny (to me, anyways). My favorite is the "too comfortable" phase. lol.


In my experience, after the honey moon is the comfort stage. The upsides: increased security with this person, trust, comfort, intimacy. The dangers: taking each other for granted, feeling bored or listless, having to deal with sides to each other that you weren't so aware of before.

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Yes, I agree that after you leave the honeymoon phase, this becomes the part where you see if the relationship is a deal or not. You start to really notice your partner's flaws, arguments may become more heated (or happen frequently), and the passion is not as intense as it used to be. This is the part where you really have to learn to work as a team despite of opinion or belief differences. You start getting really comfortable being around each other and focus on other things going on in life.

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