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Hi guys fist post


Right, there is this girl I kind of like at college, I have never spoke to her but I was in the car when my mate was giving her a part lift home (Me and my mate use-to lift share before he quit college) but she expected a lift home so she had to walk a couple miles to the next town, me being me I felt quite bad and wanted to give her a lift but I thought it would look weird if I asked if she wanted a lift when she didn't know me, so I drove off I kind of regret it


That was a while ago, but yeah I kind of like her, I sometimes see her around college because on one of the lessons I have she is in the opposite room to me and I sometimes catch myself looking over at her xD but 65% of the time I catch her looking at me also, due to my inexperience at 20 years of age and my awkwardly shyness (I mean iv been sat here for ages thinking should I post this) I don't know if that means anything or what I should do, or what I would say if I approached her or if I should approach her


Cheers guys

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Ok. First of all... HI!

And secondly, I think you more than kind of like her. You posted about her, so you must like her.


If you get the courage to talk to her, do not bring up the lift thing. Honestly, I feel that was a great chance to talk to her and make friends. The next time you catch her eye, SMILE! Do that a couple of times and eventually, you are just going to have to pretend you are not shy and go introduce yourself.

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Reduce your pressure. Think small. As Lambert said, next time your eyes meet, smile. Done. Success. Next, you can approach her just to say hello and keep walking on by. If she looks like she wants to say something more, then stop walking. If there's an awkward silence, ask her about an assignment. Eliminate your expectations and you reduce your pressure. Small steps. If she's interested in you, remind yourself that you'll have to screw up pretty bad for her to change her mind. You've got plenty of time to get married and have babies.

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