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slow progress with the ex!

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Ok just wanted some opinions from people, here it goes....


Me and ex was going out for like 4 months, she ended sayign she neede space cause she was depressed etc, but i missed her alot and i kinda made it worse, i bugged her and put her in pressire cause i was in a mess and just loved her soo much.

Anyways the time we did speak i would melt down with emotion, and she would run a mile, this happened like 4 periods of times, me messing them up every time.

Now the last few months we have been t alkin online, i havent messed up one bit and feel alot more comfortable with myself, it all started when she sent me an email saying how she was sorry for hurting me and explainined alot of unanswered questions with the break up etc, she told me that she was going through a bad stage in life and was in depression etc. anyways I eventually messaged her online, that was like 2 months ago, and now were still talking.

nothing has been brought up about a relationship, or if either of us is dating etc, no future has been mentioned and stuff. anyways im playing it cool, she messages me first all the time mostly, and at times i will message her just to show its not just her, she asked me to call her a few weeks back as she was leaving w ork and i did, just casual chat, was nice.

Recently she had a fall out with a real close friend, i offered support, and showed her that i am aroudn if she needs to talk, she can call me i wont bite. shes said it would be real nice, we go on talkin and then she leaves work and says ill ring you in a minute.

So we talk on phone and everything is good, were still both very shy it seems, not like we once were, why is that? we both feel a little imcomfortable and try not to have a silence moment.

I cant see anything bad at the moment, any one have any comments for me, am i stuck in this friend trap or is there potential here, what am i to expect, and should i just bee patient and wait it out?

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Well, I wouldn't count on it becoming you getting back together. But I woudn't rule it out either. For now, just keep doing what you're doing, but don't stop acting like you're single when you aren't with her. If you can handle just being friends, then stay friends, I can't so I've had to do NC. Sounds like she's at least not scared to keep talking to you which is a good step, but you may end up in the friend category, you may not, either way being in close contact with them is the probably the best chance you have of getting them back, but don't set yourself up to get heartbroken again if you find out she just thinks of you as a friend now.

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Well thats the thing, i dont feel im treated as a friend its weird, she doesnt need another friends lol she has lots, and if friendship just consists of my online messagin and just a phone call here and there i dont hink thats friendship, times are hard.

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