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Lady on the steet and a *ahem* between the sheets


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No I am not joking. I don't think double standards are cool.


Sorry, I can't see where she's talking about her own boyfriend or where it says he does think less of her?


I doubt a man would ask a woman to be more experimental in bed and then think less of her for it, otherwise he wouldn't have asked

in the first place. Usually a man has already visualised certain acts with a woman before they're performed lol

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I would be interested to see what th guys say but like anything, I'm sure there will be a range of responses. I'm sure some guys will think they are so lucky to have an adventurous gf. I'm sure others might like it in the moment but then get insecure wondering what other guys she did X with. And I'm sure some others too might not view her as "marriage material" anymore.

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Not that she is talking about her own boyfriend. But I still stand by what I said - if there is a guy who asks his gf to do XYZ, then finds himself thinking that she is a (*&*^% as a result, I don't think that is a guy worth holding onto.


Unfortunately that DOES happen, although usually less and less as you get older fortunately.

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Sorry for any confusion. It was just a general question. It wasn't to do with my boyfriend saying that he thought less of me. I was just wondering if men do when you agree to try things or usually do things that are a little out of the ordinary.



Depends on the guy. Like women, some are more resevered in what they like/want/enjoy in the bedroom. I think like anything, communicating what you both are interested in is the key.


As for me, I prefer a woman that is more willing to explore whats enjoyable for each other and I dont think any less of them for it.

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