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Dropping more obvious hints at attraction to a girl??


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Hey guys been speaking to this girl for about 4 weeks

Started with general facebook wall posting and then long chats into the night! got her number when i offered to pick her up from work and she started texting me minutes after i gave her mine.


Yesterday was the first time i had met up with her outside of work and it was great! it was a mutual invitation i didn't have to constantly persuade her she even changed her plans so we could be within the same place! she texted me during the night about meeting up and we did!


She was outside with a few mates and when i got there they seemed to vanish... but she was totally engaged in talking to me


We had a blast i couldn't get into the place she was in because it was too full, she wanted to stay with me so we went somewhere else back to my friends watched a little live music and i would turn round to see her with looking at me with a massive smile on her face just laughing (in a good way) at me.

We then went back to her friends and when she introduced me to her roommate it was almost like i had been mentioned alot before she gave me the look of "Oh so your the guy she is talking about"


Any small thing she gives me that i think is from of attraction i try to reciprocate in hope she notices, she started putting "x"s at the end of texts so i did the same thing, she put more at the end so i did the same thing!


She was stroking my face (because of the stubble) yesterday and she has done it a few times before, i just did the same thing for a joke and it went down well (no grimace or pulling her head away) pulled back my jacket to see what my shirt said and even complimented me on my clothing to which i replied with how great she looked! We even ended up dancing it was so much fun!


She invited me back to a friends for an after party... got SOOOOO close i was even in the car and bam! "Its cancelled..." sucked so hard she texted me like 10 minutes after getting out of the car because the designated driver wanted to go home about what she was up to, saying next time i should go to where she is and sleep on the sofa so we can have a better night.


Im feeling like im getting dangerously close to friendzone, i don't want to ruin what we already have so just coming out with "I really like you and would love to be more than friends" with out properly knowing if she likes me back could be disaster! i work with her so it would be so uncomfortable





I've been invited out with her friends next week and im thinking of stuff i can do to make it more obvious im intrested in that way, im still not sure if she is into me or just thats how she acts around guys.


I don't want to embarrass myself by doing something so obvious everybody would know in the entire pub, but just something her friends and she would notice!


any tips?

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Well, do you see her act like that with other guys? It sounds to me like you're in - what kind of a sign are you looking for out of her? So yeah, you do need to do something to move this along, or she'll think you're not interested and you'll be friendzoned. Ask her out on a date. Kiss her. Not necessarily in that order. Adding more x's to the end of your texts is not going to get you where you want to be.

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Not really no i was basically the only guy she spoke to saturday night...


Im not sure what im looking out for honestly, i just want enough to know that she might be intrested and i'll ask her straight out


My biggest problem is i work with her, if this wasn't the case i probably would have asked her out a few weeks ago i hate rejection but if you didn't have to see them very much then thats fine


Seeing her every week maybe 2-3 times is just too tough to go in head first

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I know thats what im avoiding


The "Oh, so you're the guy she's been talking about." was when i got there she looks at her and says "Oh so this is _ _ _ _ _ _ " and she gave me a look, different to what anybody would give you meeting for the first time not a bad look just like "i feel like i know you already" or atleast thats my impression.


now clearly i had been mentioned before but it could have just been "Oh im meeting up with a friend tonight" and she might have questioned who it was.


Im trying not to be weird and pushy either, she invited me out this weekend or atleast she texted me that i should come out next weekend with her and her roommate somewhere else


Im not going to bring it up and just see, if she wants me to come out she'll invite me again surely? i mean i said i was up for it but no plans were really given, if she felt obliged to do that she probably won't bring it up again (or atleast thats my theory)

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When a girl says "oh, so you're the guy she's been talking about," that's a great sign. She's been talking about you to her friends and they know your name.


If you're worried about falling into the friendzone, you have to stop worrying about being "weird and pushy." I'm not saying you should be weird and pushy, but that mindset will cause you to "nice" yourself into the friendzone. And, you really should check in with her about this weekend - she's not going to pursue you much longer. Women will only do this for so long, and they'll assume you're not interested. You have to step up to the plate. Then, towards the end of the evening with her friends this weekend, pull her aside and ask her out on a date. She'll say yes.

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If pursuing her a little feels weird and creepy to you, then be weird and creepy. If she has to keep doing all the work, she will lose attraction for you and you won't even know when it happened. She's interested. You don't need any more signs. Either you have the guts to get her or you don't. You will feel more confident and better about yourself for having tried than you would for doing the same old thing and hanging back--while someone else steps up and sweeps her away from you.

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Thanks for the advice guys its helping alot actually


I've already invited her out the weekend after next which she seems up for, she even invited me to stay at her friends house to save us travelling back (its going to see live music with a friend about 2 hours drive) which when i told my friends they were like *DING DING DING* but then again she has alot of guy friends from back in school so its still not to say im getting friendzoned.


Im going to pursue it and see what happens

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If she ever gets a bit of a headache from all the partying, give her a shoulder massage. Then gradually move to an upper back massage and eventually a lower back one.


If you both are telling jokes and end up bursting into crazy ROFLMAO-type laughter, tickle her waist area without mercy!


If you want an easier way to kiss her, wait for her to close her eyes or something and give her a small peck in a joking manner. This comes off as more of a tease. It shouldn't be risky given the information you've told us and if you do it right she may even just jump right at you for a serious make-out straight away to "show you how it's done"


Point is if you get physical with a girl, it's actually pretty hard to fall into friendzone even if you want to yourself.. lol

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