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WHere to go???(Respond Quickly please!!!!!!)

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Well, I'm not sure what I'm asking..I just want ur opinions I guess.

I've been talking to this guy for about a week on msn and now he wants to meet me( tonight).I know he's a friend of my ex, so I suppose he's alright...but at 2am, what could be a good/safe place to go? I'm underage, so I can't go to clubs....I don't know what to do...Anyone have any idea???

thx a lot!!!!

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I hope you didn't go meet him.


Never meet anyone for the first time at night. Don't let them pressure you either. You do what YOU want to do. You set the place and time. Take a friend if possible. Don't go alone and make sure you tell others where you are going to be at. Have your phone with you. Don't get in a car with them.


I had a bad experience once with someone I met, and it was during the day. Be very careful.

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it's probably not agood idea to meet up with someone you barely know at that hour. but, it seems like you're going to anyway, so i'd say a 24 hour place with a lot of people around. i wouldn't go to his house or let him come over to yours, or go to a park or somewhere where it's just the two of you.

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