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Should I send him a message?


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One of my friends introduced me to this guy a couple months ago who lives in new york, but he was just visiting California. One night when we were both drunk he kissed me. Then our friend that introduced us and I went to New york to visit him. I really like him, but other than those two times we don't really talk except once before our trip when he sent me a Facebook message asking me if I was excited to visit him in new york. Anyways in about 2 months, I am going back to New York with a different friend who doesn't know him, and I was wondering if I should let this guy know that I am going to be there? Should I send him a message, or would that be weird? or should i just wait until I'm there and just be like guess what I'm in new york? or should I say nothing at all, since we don't really talk.


He just really intimidates me, and makes me crazy nervous, and guys usually don't make me feel this way. I just really can't decide between surprise him, tell him now, or just leave it alone and not do anything.


WOuld he find it weird since we barely know each other?

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since there is two months before you go, you have plenty of time to wait and see if he sends you some kind of message first. or, you can even just say "hi" on his FB page, but not tell him yet that you are going there.


basically, i think it's too early to tell him you are going to visit in two months, but there is nothing wrong with a casual chat. then, when it is closer to your trip, you can bring it up.


if you can't keep any communication going with him during these two months, then i wouldn't tell him at all, and i would forget about him.

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