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For girls, have I screwed myself over already?

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Um...k, Im not gonna try and make this really long cuz no one likes reading huge stories. So like first day of classes, college is awesome heh, but I literally ran into this girl on the bus....anyways we became friends somewhat, asking names and stuff, and when she got off the bus she asked for my name and told me hers and said 'see you around campus.' Well...no I didnt get a number, but yes I was interested.


Well few weeks actually went by before I saw her again, and it was cool, we had no classes for like an hour or so....so I walked and talked with her for about an hour, talking about college and stuff....but I never really made any attempt at trying to get a date or anything. We've just been kinda doin this for a while, until like a week ago I asked her to lunch, and she said she was already eating with someone else....but then said 'some other time'....I dont know if it was a letdown, the truth, or both. I havent tried again in a week or two, but I havent talked to her as much.


Hey, I won tickets to a 3 Days Grace concert this weekend, and have an extra ticket, and she knows....but I have no idea if she likes me....I just have this gut feeling that Ive brought myself accross as nothing more than a friend...and if there is anything I can do about it. I cant really find an opening to flirt with her even. There's no huge signs that she likes me, just pays attention, looks me in the eyes, and we dont have too much of a problem talking....but I have no idea if Ive already screwed myself over

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I don't think you've screwed it up at all. It's best to be friends first.. that's the way lasting relatonships can develop. I agree with the others, ask her to the concert, you've got nothing to lose, and with time just employ a few of the flirting behaviours - eye contact etc..


Good luck,


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Well, Yea Queen, it is good to be friends first...yet at the same time Ive learned that doesnt work from past experiences b/c I could be thought of nothing more than a friend... I just don't know if Ive already waited too long because I havent made any moves of any sort besides asking her to lunch one day. I can't tell if she even wants me to try again or not...and at the same time, I dont want it to become awkward or something b/c I do try again...or dont. I'm kinda lost on this now...but I have until Thursday...thats the nite of the concert. But...I also have to see her again some time too, b/c Thursday is the only day I know that I will see her for sure. It has to do with this one place where commuters go b/c they dont live on campus, and every thursday I go in there to a locker and she's always in there.


By the way, commuting sucks! live on campus for all who are younger! Putting too many miles on my del sol! Thanks for all advice so far too, and always welcome more.

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