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24... no clue if I've chosen the right career.


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I am 24 years old and graduated college nearly three years ago. Many things happened throughout my college career and I basically feel as though it was just a mess. I wasn't really sure of where I was going or what I was doing so I decided to major in Spanish. My major is something that I actually enjoy and it has given several opportunities to travel around the world and to become immersed in something I love- language. But, in terms of career choices once I graduated, I was very limited.


One thing that I was told I could do over and over again was teach. And I did teach for a while in Spain. While I was over there, I realized that I didn't particularly like teaching. I don't like public speaking- I can do it but it's not my forte. I felt as though I wasn't good at explaining things to my students and I lack classroom management- all keys areas in education! In the end, I felt as though my experience with some of the children was actually HURTING them more than helping them. Not literally, of course, but I just felt as though someone could probably do my job better, so I ended up quitting.


Once I moved back to the States and back in with my parents, there was that nagging question about what I was going to do with the rest of my life. To be honest, for a while now, I've wanted to become a journalist. I love writing and I always have. But, that career choice at this point in my life isn't "practical." I need to make money. Once again, the prospect of obtaining a teaching credential was suggested to me. Despite my past experience with teaching, something pushed me ahead and now I'm on that path.


To be honest, I'm not a happy person right now. I am doing fairly well in my student teaching but I still feel as though I'm not the best for the job. It just doesn't seem like a fit, it's not right. I care about all of my students and I want what's best for them. I don't want them to fail under me. I just don't feel as though I'm doing that great of a job with them, although both the teacher I'm working with and my supervisor say that I'm doing a fine job. It just isn't me.


I can't explain this to my parents. My dad is the one who told me to go for this. He made it sound like it was going to be a walk in the park but I don't see how it can be. I care too much about my students and that drive to teach just isn't there for me. I do it because I have to now. When I'm at work, I can put on that happy teacher face and I can get through the day and hopefully my students take something positive away when they spend time with me. I never let it show that I'm unhappy in my position but I am. I often think about how I got on this path... though I know how... but it's just not a fit for me. I also don't really feel like I'm that good at it.


I have no idea how to tell my parents. To be honest, I almost don't feel guilty for the time and money I've spent going through this program just because... I don't know. That's life and I knew from the beginning this career wasn't for me. I tried telling my mom that teaching wasn't for me a couple of weeks ago and I don't think she took that comment seriously. It's pretty much all my dad can do to barely ask me questions about how things are going and even when things obviously aren't going well, he never really makes an effort to ask me if I want to talk about it.


I'm not really sure what to do at all. Do I continue down this path doing something that in all honesty I'm really not that great at (yet "passing" by my supervisor's standards) so that I can be financially independent or do I drop this and then..........................?????


I'm just really not sure.

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If your heart isn't in it, sooner or later you're going to end up in a different profession. It's not easy being a teacher. And if its just not you, then find a different path now. You can get a masters degree in a different profession. What about nursing or technology?

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I dont think you should stay on a career path where you know you will not be happy. if you have to, go back to school to learn something else. I've learned that no matter what you have your degree in, you often have options in other types of work. Some employers might consider you for a job simply because you can speak a second language. Before you change gears though, what aspect about your major did you like? How about becoming a translator or technical writer?

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It really isn't! I knew that going into this but both of my parents are teachers and have gone through the same process that I have. They made it sound so easy in which it's not the most difficult thing I've done but... I just feel like if my heart isn't in it then why am I wasting everyone else's time? Kids' grades and their educations aren't something that I want to mess with. Their school experience means something to them and I'd rather they have the best one possible. I just don't think it's with me... though not for a lack of caring.


I've thought about lots of things... I don't know if nursing is my style either lol but technology could be a possibility. I'm just not sure of the steps I need to take. For example, I'm in the teaching credential course right now. I have about 5 more weeks of student teaching left this quarter. I'd PREFER to throw in the towel now but I feel like I did make a commitment to the teacher and class that I'm working with so... unfortunately I feel like I can't throw in the towel. Which stresses me out even further!

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Well, a Spanish degree doesn't land you a whole lot of options. But there are many typical desk jobs with the government that you could probably land just by having a bachelors degree, some don't even discriminate on what type of degree you hold as long as you've achieved upper level education you're good to go. If you could consider something where you interact with the public, maybe a customer service job of some sort, you being bilingual would set you apart. And it's sad to say -- but a simple desk job sorting papers and answering phones for the government is probably comparable pay wise to a teaching career. Poor teachers. Look into your state government's employment opportunities. You could also look into working as a translator for a hospital I suppose.

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Both my parents were teachers. My dad was the same as you...didn't like being in the front of the class, was uncomfortable managing 20 kids...he eventually became a guidance counsellor and administrator at the school he was with. my mom was also similar...she eventually did resource and language therapy....neither ended up at the front of the class room. it's not for everyone but it's a good job and i say give it some more time before you give in and try something totally different. you may still find your strength.

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Hi, I'm also 24 and I'm an online entrepreneur because I know what I want for my life, which are traveling and not having to be attached in a certain place or in other people's schedule.


What about you? You need to know for sure about that, too. Knowing what you want will be the guide to show you what you should do. If you think about "what job" first, then think if you'd like it or not, you're doing it wrong. The first thing you need to figure out isn't "what job" but "how I want to live my life".


When you know how you'd like your life to be, then it's time to figure out what job is the perfect one for you. Make sense? Because having a job you're able to do doesn't always mean having a life you love. At one point in the future, when you feel that it's not how you want to live, it's very likely you'll end up quitting again to find a more suitable one.


Actually, what I'm doing online requires a lot of writing and I need to discipline myself to be consistent. If what you love is writing, this might be good for you. But I understand not all people like to work online. I just want you to know that I'm here if you want to know more about it. I don't really like to face many people directly or having to approach new people, so I chose to work online.

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To be honest, for a while now, I've wanted to become a journalist. I love writing and I always have. But, that career choice at this point in my life isn't "practical."


Why not - because of the need to obtain a further qualification?


BTW when you get there, being a journalist isn't mostly about writing, it's about being interested in the world, being able to talk to people, and being able to research and understand things quickly. The writing is the least of it!

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A lot of young folks seem to be in your position. They go to college and pay little thought to what they'll do when they graduate, so they major in something they "love" only to find out there aren't that many jobs in English, or Spanish, or Art. Then they enter the real world and find out it kind of sucks and it's hard and they don't feel like they're really doing what they "love" anymore. So they move back home with the parents and entertain the idea of doing what got them here in the first place--going back to school. For what, they're not really sure, maybe this, maybe that. They don't really do any hard research into any of these potential job markets either, so 3 or 4 years later they're right back in the same situation, only with more debt (or angrier parents) and another degree under their belt.


There's a time and a place for pursuing what you love, and then there's a time and place to get real and start thinking about the rest of your life. For the large majority of people, they're not working because they love their jobs. They're working because they like having a car and a home and enough money to sock away for vacation and retirement and kids down the road.


So my advice to you, OP, is this. If you literally dread teaching, then perhaps looking to do something else is the right thing for you. But I wouldn't bother with going back to school just to see if nursing or technology or something else might be "your style". That's something sophomores in college do when they have no idea what they want to major in. You're no longer in college. You're an adult now and the clock has already started for your working career.

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