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A very confusing ex, i need some help

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ok so ive been doing no contact with the ex for about a month and today would actually have been a month since i have last heard his voice. and let me tell ya i have been doing JUst Fine! Anyways i was working last night. And becasue of my strange schedual my work allows me to work once a month. I always work the first friday of the month.


Well i was just doin my job and in comes the ex. With his roomate. DOESNT EVEN SAY HI. nothing. im like jeez what did i do. And its at the mall so its not like ur not allowed to talk to people. So he walks around the store of course close to me, but i was on regisiter, but i suppose making sure i saw him. and walks out and while passing the window my friend said he was justa looking my way. But i didnt look cause i didnt know they left.


Last night i actually had like my first date since him and i broke up, so while out around 1:20 ish AM i see i have a missed call from 1:05am and its my ex. im like whoa! it didnt ring though i dont knwo what happened maybe he called and hung up real fast i dont know. So when i was going home i called him back and i asked if he had called and he was like "ummmmmmmm noooo i dont think so, maybe my phone did cause its in my pocket and maybe it actidently called u". Now im trying not to read into this but his phone used to do that back when we were dating cause i would be the last person he would call but he hasnt called me in weeks, so im thinking well did ur phone go into ur phonebook and search for my name and then dial and hang up real fast???


So i was like ohh ok to him. then he said i saw u at ur work today. and i sadi yea i dont know why u didnt say hi. He said well when i was away back home(he went home for 2 weeks) i called and textd u and u didnt f-ing respond so i was like whatever. I was like yeah ok. and i did respond once but he didnt say anyting (further information check out last threds of mine) and he was like well ill let u go alright bye. And i just hung up.


i really dont know what his deal is. I heard from a friend that he said he was kinda talking to someone new and she has all the same qualities that i do but she can go out and party.


So am i left to start no contact all over again???? or do i call him and try and talk things out. I really dont want to do that but i dont know what to do........can someone give me an idea about this whoel situation. Yes i want him back deep down but this is all so confusing.....


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hi i am kinda going through the same thing as of late, and yes i know deep down i do want to be with my ex, but he is just a total jerk. he says he is gonna change and such and but no matter how much he says he will change he hasn't and he still just doesn't know how to treat people and for some reason i some how get in the middle of it and end up hurt again. we have been apart for some time and i know it is hard to get over people but i just suggest keeping the no contact rule in affect. if it comes down to it he should be the one to call you and work things out. im not exactly sure what went down in your relationship, but i would just keep doing what your doing and what keeps you happy and stay away from him.

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my ex and i had a good relationship. He broke it off because "he didnt know what he wanted" and "was not ready for a long term relationship" even though the break up was two weeks before our one year anniversary.


I just dont know how to read the whole situation, i try not to read to much into it but i cant help it. am i left with doin no contact again????? and see what his next move is?


Im tryin to see new people but how am i suppose to do that when things like yesterday happen?

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