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Dreams - Feeeling dull when having flashbacks of dreams (Please help)

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When I was a child, I used to have these dreams a few times a year. I would not remember what I had dreamed but after I woke it was necessary to wake my parents and talk about anything to distract me from the dreams. If I couldn't wake them then I would listen to radio or a tape or something. The thoughts I had when I woke were very intense. Very depressive and hopeless. It always was associated with endless tasks and sometimes realising in the middle of these tasks that I had done it wrong and needed to start again. Or numbers and halving them caused me stress. As I grew up these dreams happened less and less until I had one every 5 or so years. Recently, I have started to have them weekly.. Same issue with the Tasks which I need to start again after having spent years (in my mind it seems like years) to do. Also again with numbers. The only difference now, is that I get the same feeling a few times a day in my day to day life very randomly. Like for example: I will make dinner, bring all the stuff to the table, sit and get ready to eat and realise I have to get up and get a spoon or a fork or something. This gives me the same hopeless feeling like i get after these dreams. A normal reaction to this would be realisation - jumping up and getting it and sitting down again - maybe slight annoyance. But now I get this dull feeling like its some great tragedy. It's a momentarial feeling and goes after .5 of a second but it hits me and makes me feel helpless. It's like a flashback to the feeling I get after waking up from the dream. This feeling doesn't always happen when I forget something, just randomly.


I have tried to explain this to my mother, my partner and they just dont understand. i know it sounds crazy and I should get some help ... But I'm wondering if anyone has ever experienced this crossover from dreams to reality where the feeling stays and comes back?

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I haven't personally experienced the same thing, but I do have times where the smallest things will completely change my mood, even for just a short time. My ex used to call me on Skype every day. When she started getting busy with this or that, she wouldn't always have time to talk to me, and it was an immediate feeling of just hopelessness. That things are never going to change.


About the only thing I can offer in the way of advice, find something new to learn, and find something or someone that always cheers you up. For me, as stupid as it sounds, I play guitar, listen to some music, message as many people as possible, and even look at image puns from Cheezburger's So Much Pun subsite. Whatever cheers you up, just go do that. The hopelessness comes from stress and a lack of a real getaway. Find something new, and possibly even hide it from people you aren't very close with. That way it's just yours, so nothing and no one can really ruin it for you.

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